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DuraCam Infrared Camera





High Functionality and Flexibility in an Ultra Durable Handheld Thermal Imaging System

The DuraCam portable infrared camera offers outstanding image quality and radiometric temperature measurement performance in a rugged and easy to use handheld enclosure.

This highly flexible infrared camera solution offers 320 x 240 resolution with unmatched image quality.  The camera equips the infrared professional with up to 10 movable measurement points and 5 area boxes with tracking cursors.  The temperature measurement range extends from -4 to 2192 F.  Voice annotation is possible for 40 seconds per image.  Its lithium-Ion battery provides a full 3-hours of operation.  ICIReporter software provides quick accessibility to a full range of tools for analyzing DuraCam images.

DuraCam Infrared Camera Highlights:

  • Auto and electronic focus
  • Built-in digital camera
  • High-definition image
  • Laser pointer
  • Auto measurement adjustment tracking
  • Hotspot, coolspot, or average temperature tracking
  • Flexible output: VGA, PAL, NTSC or USB
  • 0.5x wide angle, 2x & 3x available
  • Removable CF & 256M Flash Memory


ToughCam Applications:

The DuraCam's wide range of quality features and handheld durability makes it an ideal camera for a wide range of applications. The DuraCam is the perfect match for the busy infrared consultant who offers a wide range of services.  Applications could include reliability engineering, predictive & preventative maintenance (electrical and mechanical), process control, measuring temperature trends and more.


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