Lightning Avoidance & Surge Protection Equipment

General Information on Lightning Protection

Millions of dollars of damage is caused annually by environmental and supply factors beyond your control.  Northeast Resource Group offers a complete line of products designed to shield your business from damage caused by outside forces.



Protect Your Investments.

Lightning and its influences are the greatest causes of destructive and disruptive phenomena to power lines, data lines, communications lines and facilities.  Costs for downtime, loss of data and equipment replacement are today in the billions of dollars worldwide.  A small investment today can prevent a much larger repair bill in the future.

How Can You Prevent Lightning Strikes and Related Damages?

Lightning activity is a hazard to both personnel and equipment. Its primary and secondary effects kill people, set fires, cause explosions and destroy equipment.  Power surges can interrupt or shut down operations, causing damage to equipment and delays in production.  The relationship between Grounding, Surge Protection and Lightning Protection is synergistic.  The proper design and application of these systems can provide for greatly reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as enhanced plant safety and increased reliability.  Installation of a protection system will increase operating efficiencies and boost the bottom line.

NRG Products and Services

NRG, in association with Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, offers the most reliable and advanced technology available in the industry today.  With guaranteed results, NRG offers a diverse product line, from advanced storm warning technology to LECís exclusive Lightning Dissipation Array System.  From assessment and system design, to follow-up maintenance and testing NRG is a full-service solution to your protection needs.


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