Power Factor Correction Equipment

General Information on Power Factor Correction

Many businesses are affected by poor Power Factor without realizing the cost to them.  NRG has a complete line of Power Factor Correction products that, when installed, can increase your Power Factor by as much as 30%.


Increase your Power Factor and Decrease your Electric Bills.

If your utility bill is affected by KVA usage, then an increased Power Factor can save you money.  Usually the cost of Power Factor Correction systems can be recovered within 18 months.  Sometimes this cost can be recovered in less than one year.

How does Power Factor Correction lower your utility bills?

Electric power has two components: Active power, which produces work, and Reactive power, which is needed to generate magnetic fields required for the operation of inductive electrical equipment but performs no useful work.  Active power is measured in KW.  Reactive power is measured in KVAR.  Total power is measured in KVA.  The ratio of working (active) power to total power is called Power Factor.

Power Factor Correction capacitors increase Power Factor by supplying reactive power when installed at or near inductive electrical equipment.  This makes it unnecessary for the utilities to supply reactive power, reducing their generation and transmission costs and lowering your electric bill.  The local source for reactive power also increases the amount of the connected load by as much as 20% without having to increase the size of transformers, conductors and protective devices.

NRG Products and Services

NRG has over 20 years experience in system analysis and design to ensure that the equipment you buy is the equipment that benefits you the most.  NRG can perform a full-scale analysis of your system and can offer complete turn-key projects from design to complete installation backed by our performance guarantee.  From Fixed Capacitors with or without tuned harmonic reactors to sophisticated Automatic Power Factor Correction systems with harmonics/resonance monitoring and control, NRG can supply all the products and services you need.

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