Electrical Testing Equipment

With the rising cost of energy and todayís deregulated energy market, itís a good idea to have control over your energy consumption.  NRG has been supplying Electrical Power Analyzers and test equipment to the Northeast for over 20 years.




Donít Pay for Power You're Not Using.

With some easy-to-use testing equipment you can discover where your power losses are greatest and control them.  Regular testing and maintenance of your power system can lower your electric bills dramatically and keep them low.

How Can You Minimize Your Losses and Upgrade Your Power Quality?

The key to increased power efficiencies and better power quality begins with understanding your power systemís weaknesses.  A thorough system-wide analysis and regular testing and maintenance will demonstrate where your losses are greatest and let you make the necessary corrections to your system.  Regular testing will ensure that additional adjustments are made and that your improved power quality remains at the optimal level.

NRG Products and Services

NRG is a team of experienced expert electrical testing specialists, electrical engineers and electricians.  Weíve spent the past 20 years helping businesses identify and solve critical power quality and consumption issues.  NRG can recommend the best electrical test equipment for your needs and can assist you in the use and application of them.  As a US Master Representative and Import Agent for ELCONTROL Energy, and a Value-Added Reseller for AEMC Instruments, we offer a diversified catalog of top-of-the-line electrical and harmonics testing equipment and have the experience to support your use of them.

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