Harmonic Mitigating Transformers


NEMA TP1-1996 Compliant

Harmonic Mitigating Filtering Transformers represent high quality three-phase, three- and four-wire, shielded isolation transformers which have been specifically designed to mitigate the power quality problems associated with non-linear load-generated harmonic currents in three-phase electrical power distribution systems.  They have been designed as a cost-effective alternative to conventional Distribution Transformers and K-Factor Rated Transformers.


Unlike de-rated Distribution Transformers or K-Factor Rated Transformers, which are only intended to survive in a harmonic environment, Harmonic Mitigating Transformers may be selected to cancel positive and negative sequence harmonic currents on the transformer's primary bus or within the transformer's secondary windings.  In addition, all three-phase, four-wire configurations will cancel all zero sequence harmonic currents within the windings, while dramatically reducing the transformer's zero sequence impedance.


Harmonic cancellation transformers are copper wound and uniquely engineered to be used in place of K-Rated and conventional transformers.  These transformers have enhanced proprietary windings to treat the 3rd harmonic.  These transformers are especially applicable where the harmonic profile contains mostly 3rd harmonic and can replace K-13 or K-20 Rated distribution transformers in commercial, government and industrial facilities.



  • Protects the upstream distribution system.
  • Reduces the K-Factor Ration of the loads.
  • Prevents distribution system apparatus from overheating.
  • Balances phase currents and voltages on primary.
  • Increases system capacity and reliability.
  • Reduces apparatus vibration and noise.
  • Prevents electronic circuit breaker malfunctions.
  • Provides a healthier environment for the loads.
  • Cost-effective harmonic treatment for low to medium (up to 50%) concentration of switching power supplies.
  • 3rd harmonic is treated in secondary windings.
  • 5 year, pro-rated warranty.

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