Northeast Resource Group, Inc.

PO Box 6294, Plymouth, MA 02362 


 Northeast Resource Group, Inc. has helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars in electrical costs and kWhs for over 30 years with innovative, turnkey Power Factor Correction and Transformer Retrofit Projects.



Northeast Resource Group, Inc. of Plymouth, Massachusetts was incorporated in September of 1988 and we are celebrating our 30th year in the Power Factor Correction business.  Our long-term relationship with General Electric allows us to provide state of the art, premium quality, US built  products, directly reducing costs and passing the saving on to our clients.  Our relationship with GE also affords us unlimited technical support from experts in the field of applying power factor correction equipment as well as dry-type distribution transformers in today's modern facilities.  Incorporating our expertise with theirs makes us uniquely qualified in our field.  We are well established in the local New England market and have a long time working relationship with the major electrical utilities such as Eversource and National Grid.  In addition we are also well known by and work with many electrical municipalities throughout the area. 

During the past 30 years we have designed and performed hundreds of facility wide Power Factor Correction and transformer retrofit  projects in some of the most complex applications imaginable. Many of our clients have comparatively simple application requirements, but they all have one thing in common: REDUCING COSTS and negative environmental impact while gaining an important capital improvement.  We never say goodbye to our clients once we've completed a project.  We have a service team of trained personnel to follow-up and assure the continued performance of our work well after completion.  We have provided services for some of our clients as well as non-clients for more than 30 years. 



 Many of our clients are well known national Manufacturexrs such as:

Intel Corporation

Milton Bradley / Hasbro

Raytheon Corporation

Mobil Oil

3M Company

Dow Chemical

Kraft Foods


Our clients also include some nationally recognized Medical Institutions such as:

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dana/Farber Cancer Hospital

Beth/Israel Deaconess Hospital


Harvard Medical School


Our clients include Nationally Recognized Publications such as:

 The Boston Globe

The New York Times

Garnet Industries

INC Magazine



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