Electrical Testing Equipment

Nanovip Portable Digital Power Analyzer

ELCONTROL Energy's Nanovip Power Analyzers give "Top Performance in a Small Space".










Key Benefits:

  • 7 Measurements and so many functions in the palm of your hand.
  • Volt (rms), Amp (rms), P.F. cosų, W, var, VA, Hz.
  • Peak function for storing the measurements in correspondence to V, A, W peaks (selectable).
  • MEM functions for measurements of deviations of V, A, W, with respect to the recorded values Measurements from 7W to 150kW (750kW with 1000A clamp meter).
  • Measurements as true RMS value.
  • Automatic voltage and current scale change.
  • AC and DC measurements (with DC clamp meters).
  • High accuracy. Very user-friendly.


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