High Efficiency Transformers

Ultra-Low-Loss Transformers

Ultra-Low-Loss transformers go one step further than many TP1-rated transformers.  A Harmonic Mitigating transformer by Powersmiths, used in the harmonic-rich environment, typical to most 208/120v commercial/industrial and institutional loads will result in greater savings.  Harmonic loading of transformers increases the losses, heat and therefore your cost of power.  K-Rated transformers increase these losses and are a poor choice in regards to energy costs and conservation.


Powersmiths Harmonic Canceling Transformer

The The Powersmiths K-Star Transformer is the only transformer of its type to be tested by the Oak Ridge National Labs that resulted in verification of their ultra high-efficiency under modest to significant harmonic loading.  The heat dissipation and transformer hum in most cases is significantly reduced.  Remember, a dry type transformers design life is 20 years under ideal power quality conditions.  If your transformers are approaching or exceeding that age and are under adverse harmonic loading, the probability of an unexpected failure is much greater.

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